Are You Afraid of Your Feelings?

ForgiveWell many of you know that I have become fascinated by the body of work known as “Radical Forgiveness” in the last few months. It is to me the most powerful work I have studied and I have studied a LOT! As I share this work with friends and clients I am finding that there is a real fear out there of feeling one’s feelings. Over and over people resist the processes of Radical Forgiveness because it asks you in Step 2 of its 5 step process to “feel your feelings.”

You know, when I was studying at Innervisions Institute for Spiritual Development I distinctly remember hearing my teacher Iyanla Vanzant saying that if it is an emotional wound it is going to take an emotional healing. Well I confess I didn’t know what she meant by that back then, but today I do. It means that you can’t heal, what you can’t feel. Marianne Williamson addresses this same thing in one of the many of her CD’s I listen to often. She says that we must get into the mind space of the emotion that we were in when our wounds were created and shift the perception of them to something greater, something more positive. To those of you who are students of A Course in Miracles, you know that a miracle is defined as a “shift in perception.” That is exactly what Radical Forgiveness does and it does it in a matter of minutes instead of the years that traditional therapy takes to do it.

The fact of the matter is that we are all walking around with poison in our subconscious minds. The poison comes from years of stuffed emotions from childhood and beyond. What does a kid do when they feel abandoned, or that their feelings have been hurt, or that someone has abused them physically or sexually? They shut up, blame themselves and swallow their feelings. By the way swallowing feelings is the major cause for the obesity that our society is suffering from as well. On top of the initial infractions in childhood, our Higher Selves repeat the patterns over and over for us until we decide to wake up and get some healing work done.

Until we do, these wounds grow and grow, getting bigger and bigger, heavier and heavier. Soon they weigh so much that they start dropping down from the subtle bodies that surround our physical body. They may start in the spiritual body and then drop down to the emotional body, then down to the mental body, to the etheric body until finally they enter the physical body. And what do they come in as? They come in as cancerous tumors, heart dis-ease, diabetes and all other forms of physical illness. All cancer starts with depression and depression is often caused by unrelenting resentment against others as well as guilt and self blame.

The process of Radical Forgiveness can literally save lives. Learning how to resolve those old upsets with your self and others is critical to good physical and emotional health.

Radical Forgiveness can also clear away subconscious blocks to living the life of your dreams. Not living up to your potential? Fearful of moving in the direction of your dreams? Try Radical Forgiveness. When did you learn about fear? As a little kid. Mom and Dad did to us what their folks did to them… instill fear. Not to mention the teachers, the neighborhood bullies, the incestuous family members. This is nothing to beat them up about or even go back and discuss with them, but the damage that was done doesn’t go away just using our conscious minds as we do with traditional forgiveness. Our conscious mind only manages 10% of our mental activity whereas the subconscious mind manages 60% and the unconscious mind manages the other 30%.

Using the Radical Forgiveness process allows you to bring forth those emotions in a very short time span and then takes you through the process of shifting out of the toxic interpretation of them to a view of the perfection of them. It may not feel so wonderful while you are in the process; in fact I liken it to vomiting poison. That is certainly an unpleasant task at the time, but WELL worth the exercise.

Finally this part might seem suspect if you are not a student of metaphysics, but I believe that if you shift the energy in your body (and in your DNA), you will be shifting it in the DNA of your children and the children of generations to come. Whatever concerns you about your children is a reflection of something that YOU are hiding or repressing. Everyone in our world is our mirror. As Iyanla taught us, when you heal everyone around you will either change or go away. When you heal yourself, you are giving your kids a new lease on life as well. So if you can’t do the work for yourself… do it for your kids… and your grandkids.

If for any reason you are not feeling well physically, or you think you are getting the short end of the stick financially, emotionally, or in any other way not feeling like life is showing up as you would like, I highly recommend that you give Radical Forgiveness a try. You can buy the book Radical Forgiveness and download many free tools at

Learn to feel your feelings and you can free your mind, body and spirit!

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