Kym H. R. Kennedy Spiritual Life Coach



kym kennedy bio photoAfter two divorces and a computer training business that closed after 8 years of extremely hard work, Kym decided that somehow there was something about the game of life that she didn’t understand. She decided to seek out spiritual guidance for the first time in 20 years. The first thing that she discovered was that she did not love herself, a realization that absolutely floored her, as she had always seen herself as confident and competent. Kym now knows that awareness is the first step to healing and with that awareness she began an intense study of spiritual principles and practices that is the basis of her work with others today.

Since she was convinced that if she didn’t love herself she was probably not alone she became committed to study and share the work of Louise Hay, best-selling author and president of Hay House Publications, whose focus had mostly been about self-love.  Kym became certified to teach Heal Your Life workshops based on Louise’s work.  She then went deeper realizing that there was more to learn about her spiritual side and became certified in Spiritual Life Maintenance after completing 2 years of study at Innervisions Institute of Spiritual Development founded by spiritual leader, master coach and author Iyanla Vanzant.  She also studied for a year under spiritual leader and author, Paul Ferrini and teaches Laws of Love classes based on his works.

Knowing how critical it is that we know that our spiritual powers are far greater than any physical power we have, and that we create and attract every experience and relationship that we have, Kym is on a mission to share that message with as many as will listen.  She began coaching in 2001 and has been conducting Sacred Circles, workshops, talks and conference calls ever since. 

Kym’s most significant discovery was the book Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping.  After reading it she was immediately blown away.  It detailed how most of the illness, joylessness and suffering in life is a result of suppressed and repressed resentment, anger and hurt from childhood which she knew, but it actually gave simple easy to understand and use tools to shift the energy in the body and alter the subconscious in order to RADICALLY change a person’s life.  Kym has since become a certified Radical Forgiveness coach and has seen radical shifts in her own and the lives of her clients. She also teaches people how to utilize many other spiritual tools to help people transform their perceptions and energy.

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